Forbes Article Reveals: Why I Am In The Top 1% Earners Of All AirBnb Hosts In The World and How This Market Can Be Your Best Investment for Financial Independence In 2020 And Beyond

Discover the real life strategies that smart investors are using in today's market to invest in wholesale real estate with creativity!

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  • Provide a Place of Stability for Your Family/Loved Ones

    Tired of hearing NO again from banks, realtors or seller? Giving your money to a landlords when it could be going to you’re own home.

  • Generate Passive Income To Support Your Current Lifestlye

    Not enough passive income to replace your work income, or to support your current lifestyle or desired lifestyle, not having someone you know or trust to help them build?

  • Acquire Multiple Properties Without Any Banks Or Large Investments

    Leverage your existing resources to grow your cash flow & build wealth faster than they have been.

Start building your real estate portfolio that's grows monthly using our proven strategy (No Bank, No Ownership methods) and produces significant income that gives you freedom and supports your passions. By adopting our tactics you may learn how to start investing in real estate.

I invite you to join and duplicate my SAS (Simple Automation System) to start, grow and automate your Business so that it does the heavy lifting for you to serve 100's of wonderful business travelers regularly, practically hands free, like i do. And how to get into one of our Seller Finance / Rent To Own homes... Without Banks, with a Low-Low Down Payment, with Bruised Credit & use our program and free resources to get you into a property that we don't own.

Here's one of my best reports that I personally use and I'd like to share about How To Buy & Control Strategies.

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I am James Graham AKA "Jim G." and for last 27 years I've have been investing in real estate.  I've been very successful at creating systems for buying  selling that have made millions that I and many other investors have enjoyed.  I've helped Investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and ordinary, everyday people all over the world find success by helping them acquire high cash flow & High Equity Properties for their portfolio online… and now it's your turn... “I will personally help you build your portfolio, get great cash flow & build wealth building equity with 1 to 6 family buildings with proven, time tested strategies, almost over night.”

I have been the featured speaker at multiple wealth building, high cash flow Real estate Investment seminars across the USA and In Australia.

In addition to building a couple of multi million dollar Real Estate investment companies, I've pioneered the rent to own & seller finance systems in Western NY where I was fortunate enough to have helped many hundreds of would be home owners achieve their dream of home ownership with my own bestselling jealously guarded buying strategies that I have perfected over the years.

Many Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and everyday people just like you are using bits and pieces of the strategies that I have had a hand in developing & retooling over the years to buy and sell properties. I also advise people on how to start an airbnb and earn regular passive income.


A Few of My Recent Acquisitions

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