Welcome Aboard!

I want to say again... congratulations for taking a major step in starting your Own Airbnb PassiveIncome Without Owning Property. Building freedom to really nurture, develop & share your gifts on your terms, live your God given vision & escape your 9-5 is the focus... so let's get you started.

There are three parts to the Airbnb Accelerator Academy Handholding Process.

Part One– The FB Messenger ONBOARDING/Support

This is where you will communicate with me and my team in your very own FB-Onboarding-Support Group, which we will create for you in the first 24 hrs. This Private Messenger Group Is Just for YOU & Your Spouse, ME and MY Team (Each Student has their Own). Here is where I will surround you with my Highly Skilled Team of Associates who all know my system INSIDE OUT. They exist to help me provide you with the ongoing support that you will need to QUICKLY get you the results that you are here for. If there is something they don’t know that’s special to you, they will get it from me or I will provide you the answer myself. REMEMBER IT’S ABOUT RESULTS..

This Resource will allow you to:

  • message me with questions & updates;
  • to notify us if you have issues logging in; or
  • if you get stuck with anything along the way.

To Begin...

Part TWO - The Digital Training Platform…

If you’re reading this then I have already sent you an email w/your login information for the Airbnb Accelerator Private Digital Training on my Private Platform called REforNewbies.com , with access to Phase 1-5 Resources, All the Action Steps and my Lease & Addendum.

Here’s where I need you to Complete “Phase 1- Module 1” and get me Your Template ASAP so you can have landlords and owners in your area, reaching out to you, inviting you out to view their places for possible use for your airbnb passive income business.

To Do This Follow These Simple Steps:

When you login to the training platform...

1st) Start with watching these videos:

  • “Welcome Video”;
  • “Don’t Believe The Lie”; &
  • Phase 1 (module 1)

2nd) Download the updated landlord Template that's in Phase 1 (module 1) Fill it out and email it to me or post it in your new private Onboarding/support messenger group when we set it up.

Lastly) Message me when you complete that so I can review it, tweak it and get back to you… Then you can get going ASAP.

Part THREE – “1on1s” & “Group Trainings”

1st) - 1on1s w/Jim

To Schedule Your  Future 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions You must Use This Private Link:

PLEASE NOTE:   Prior to scheduling a 1-on-1 you should ALWAYS message me in the Your (FB Messenger ONBOARDING/Support Group) to see if we can first get your situation resolved Efficiently & QUICKLY with the guidance me and my team, so we can use the 1-on-1's on things that are really necessary.  Remember... "Keep-It-Simple"

2nd)Private Group Trainings w/Jim

The Regularly Scheduled Group Sessions are Thursday Evenings at 6pm EST.  You will get reminder emails on Monday, Wednesdays & Thursdays.  Your Session Link will be emailed to you about an 90 minutes prior to the session start time.

Here's A Few Other Resources That You'll Need To Help As You Begin.

1) Join the FB group.

Although All of your specialized training is in the Private Platform It may still be helpful to subscribe to my Youtube Channel Below:

Now... Lets Get It!

Blessings - Jim

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