Welcome To The Application Process

Now that you have successfully completed your Live AirBnb Discovery session with me, you have decided that My AirBnb Accelerator Mentoring Academy would be a great Fit for you.

As you know I love helping people start and grow their own $5k-$15k/mth AirBnb Passive Income without banks or owning property.  I am also very confident that I can help you begin fully living the Passive Income Vision that God's given you for your life.

However there's one final step that we need to take so I can provide you with my official invitation so you can get enrolled today and started immediately.

The final step is our 15 minute 1on1 session. This will allow us to get to know each other a little more personally. It will also help me confirm that our working together would create amazing results for you and be a great fit for us both.

So if you could complete this short application prior to our 1on1 meeting, it will make our time more productive... Please be as detailed and honest as possible. Only I will be reviewing your responses.

Now I need you to Please Imagine these two things:

If you & I were to begin working together today and I teach you everything I know & I do everything I can to help get you the results you want.

Then IMAGINE a year from now if we were meeting on a zoom call or Personally in a coffee shop.

Jim G.

I help my students to copy me to QUICKLY s​tart and grow Passive Income Creative Real Estate & AirBnB portfolios earning $10,000+ per month to give them Financial Freedom, which Allows them to live their vision (leaving legacy for kids & loved ones, make a difference in community/world) so they can enjoy and share their gifts and passions as much as they want... w/ New Age Methods. w/o experience, w/o banks you learn to access Seller Finance &/or how w/o owning property to Control Other People’s Rental Properties. And do it for as Little as $1,500 -$2,500 /property. (in most cases)


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