AirBnb Startup Beta
Refund Policy

Once you join the AirBnb Accelerator Academy you understand that there is not a trial period. You additionally understand that, I (Coach Jim G) am fully committed to sharing all my Airbnb processes and success secrets and resources with you as a student so that you can model what I do and get results without the trial and error. Once you Join you must also be fully committed and serious about following my program, getting my guidance and following through to accomplishing your vision.

You recognize that everyone's results may vary. In some instances there are students who get results in just days and others may take weeks and there have also been others who take over a month to get results.  Depending on your market, your consistency, your ability to implement the simple strategy that determines your success!You Recognize that the AirBnb Startup BETA Program is a special program Coach Jim has started to assist a few people who he believes is a great fit but the full Accelerator Academy is out of budget due to a special life's circumstances.

This Startup program Does NOT Give Full Access to the Accelerator Academy.

But Your payment only gives Access to ONLY one phase of the academy that you need most to get you started. Then following completion of the One Phase you Select below, you will either need to pay again for another Phase of Training or Purchase the full Accelerator Academy.

If you later decide to Purchase the Full Accelerator Academy, you will get full credit credit for your purchase of the Start up program & your price for the Accelerator Academy will be reduced by what you already paid for the Start Up program.

Finally If you're Selected for the Start up Program, you recognize that there is NO REFUND once you begin and you get to select only one of the following phases of training below:

Start-Up "Phase-1" - Getting your 1st property in the 1st 14-21 Days; or      

Start-Up "Phase-2" - Getting your AirBNB Listings Fully Optimized; or      

Start-Up "Phase-3" - Getting your AirBNB property Set Up off Line; or 

​Start-Up "Phase-4" - Learning how To Run Your Business Efficiently; or  

Start-Up "Phase-5" - Getting Your AirBNB Business Automated and 99.9% Passive

Jim G.

I help my students to copy me to QUICKLY s​tart and grow Passive Income Creative Real Estate & AirBnB portfolios earning $10,000+ per month to give them Financial Freedom, which Allows them to live their vision (leaving legacy for kids & loved ones, make a difference in community/world) so they can enjoy and share their gifts and passions as much as they want... w/ New Age Methods. w/o experience, w/o banks you learn to access Seller Finance &/or how w/o owning property to Control Other People’s Rental Properties. And do it for as Little as $1,500 -$2,500 /property. (in most cases)


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