Written by Jim on January 22nd 2020

The company we used for years CastleRock REO is one of the largest purchasers of distressed foreclosed homes in the US, buying in excess of 10,000 homes over the last few years. We buy previously foreclosed houses in bulk, which allows us to sell our properties at a lower price than you’ll find otherwise. Tons of homes available!

Due to the Pandemic all bank owned property inventory has diminished significantly. Over the next few months that is expected to begin slowly rising again however the owner financed properties will continue to lag behind that.

Now you can have their link directly, (something we never provided before), and continue to check their inventory for yourself.

In the meantime, while awaiting the inventory to replenish, utilize my zillow process for the for sale by owner properties.

Watch my AirBnb video to see and instead of using the rental use for sale by owner filter.


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