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To contact Jim or his staff please use the following information.

Jim and his staff operate Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Eastern
Time (New York). To contact Jim or his team please use the
information below:

Email: support@JimgCoachingClub.com

Phone: (585) 743-9778


Inspired By Jims' Success?

If you think you're our next big success story, learn more below on how to get with Jim...

New to Real Estate Investing?

Mentorship is the #1 thing you need to accelerate your growth.  It’s Not About Reinventing the wheel or figuring it out as you go.  Find Someone you like & trust whose done it Already. Then let them Handhold & take YOU under their wing to get you there?

So "get in the lab" today with Jim and his coaching team and receive weekly live mentoring so all your problems get solved quickly

Need 1 On 1 Coaching?

If you're looking for more accelerated growth & tired of the results of fear of failure, procrastination & small thinking. If you're willing to do what it takes to escape your current reality and begin living the Vision God’s given you for your life and your family…

Hop On a Free Live 1on1 Strategy Session with Jim See if you qualify for Jim’s Full Accelerator Coaching & Mentoring Academy.


[-] You are a Newbie Trying To Finally Get Started
[-] You Are a Seasoned Real Estate Investor Wanting To Seriously Grow Cash Flow
[-] You Are a Landlord Still Collecting Rents The Traditional Way
[-] You already have a few AirBnb listings and doing JUST OK…
[-] You’re a Professional and REALLY REALLLY want to know how to start an airbnb with no money, or  how to correctly do airbnb without owning real estate, or how to start an airbnb business passively and profitably before, during and after COVID19… or finally how to start an airbnb business without owning a house

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