Landlords... Get Guaranteed Rents, w/Out Tenants!

Want To Put Your Rental Property On AutoPilot Without Paying a Property Management Company and Get Guaranteed Rents Every Month... Without Tenants!!

  • Eliminate Your Need for Property Management;
  • Eliminate Tenants and Tenant Drama
  • Eliminate the stress and ONLY the unpleasant parts of Landlording;
  • Work Less and spend more time doing what you love ; and
  • Significantly Improve your positive cash flow and expendable income

About Jim

I Jim the owner of USA Investors Realty.

I've been a landlord and real estate investor for 30 years.

During that time I learned that there are some things that I really like about Real estate and some things that I really dislike.

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During our live 1on1 video session, I will share with you my "Guaranteed Rent" Hands-off programs to accomplish firing yourself, your management company and your tenants while maintaining control, increasing your monthly cash flow and continuing to build equity.


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This isn't a gimmick and I only work with a select few landlords. If you set an appointment and all the slots are full, you may need to wait until more space opens up.