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Which One of These Groups
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You Feel Stuck, Frustrated, Stressed or Just Have Questions Because:

  • You Want To Invest In Real Estate But You Have Little Money?
  • You Want To Know The Best Way To Get started Investing in Real Estate, (based on your specific situation)?
  • You’re Confused About Real Estate Wholesaling & Co-Wholesaling?
  • You Cant Seem To Get A Good Return On Your Investment?


You Need Expert, Proven Insider Real Estate Solutions To Help You:

  • Quickly Improve Your Short-Term & Long-Term Cash Flow.
  • Quickly Sell Your Existing property(ies).
  • To Quickly get you started with the biggest bang for your buck because you Have the time & lot's of motivation but are low on funds...


You Need an Experienced Available Real Estate Coach/Mentor With Proven insider solution(s) To Get you Going Because:

  • You Have the money & lots of motivation but limited with time to invest.
  • You Have time & money and lots of motivation but low on experience & knowledge


You Have the money, Time, Experience But You Need A Good Coach, Mentor or Experienced JV Partner Because:

  • You Don’t have Good Duplicable Systems in place to Allow you to Grow and Scale The Successful part of Your Real Estate Endeavors.
  • You know that if Real estate if done correctly Should Give You Freedom, But You Don’t know how to Automate and Systematize your processes So You Can Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor.


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I am James Graham.  I am a real estate coach & mentor, who can teach you the proper way of finding bargain homes, how to fix it, and resell it quickly for big profits. I specialize in recognizing & capitalizing on market opportunity & smartly tweaking mainstream methods, to significantly boost my Cash Flow and ROI as much as 100 - 300%.  My non-main steam High Cash flow techniques allow each dollar I invest in the real estate market to quickly begin working hard & smart for my members, my students, my Partners, & me.

My purpose is to use the nearly 30 years of knowledge, experience, resources & success I have had in real estate to help you get started, if you’re a beginner… or help you grow your portfolio if you’re a seasoned investor.

Some Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am blessed with a 25 year marriage to my wonderfully loving wife Rosa.
  • I am a gratefull father of 3 beautiful biological children & 1 adopted special needs son.
  • I served 11 years in the US Army, first as a drill sergeant and then a Captain (Promotable).
  • With over ten years of banking experience and a Vice President & member of A Major US Bank management team, I managed a portfolio with a combined commercial banking relationship in excess of $60,000,000.
Schedule Your Live One-On-One With JimClick Here Now!
Schedule Your Live One-On-One With JimClick Here Now!