Tip! A great way to get the most out of our conversation is to review some of the training that’s available to you inside my Coaching Club before our call if you are a member. If you are not a member, check out our free tutorials that you’ll find in the Free Video Pages before you schedule your private One-On-One call. – Jim G.

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Now you can schedule a private one-on-one phone call or online meeting with me.

All you have to do is visit my automated online scheduling system, pick an available date and time that works best for you and your schedule… and my system will automatically schedule a private one-on-one phone call… just the two of us.

It will also send you an invitation to join me for a private online meeting at the same time as our call so we can both see each others screens if we need to.

Or if you prefer you can skip the online meeting and we’ll just talk on the phone (actually, if you want to you can simply use your computer as the phone so you won’t have to pay a single penny in long distance charges).

No matter whether you choose a private phone call or an online meeting…

I’ll be there to personally help you solve your problems, answer your questions, take a look at something you need my opinion on, or give you feedback on anything you’d like… in 100% complete privacy so no one else will know your business, or know what we talked about.

Need help brainstorming potential new ideas or exit strategies without letting your competition know? These private calls and online meetings are perfect for that.

Want me to help you analyze and evaluate potential deals, and identify the ones that I believe offer you the greatest chance of success? You got it.

Do your Profit Margins suck, or don't Have enough Cash Flow? Not a problem, I'll show you how to turn your strengths and assets into tons of highly-targeted opportunities that fit your investment profile and your short and long term goals with a lot less effort on your part.

Need my help identifying some high cash flow, high equity "low hanging fruit" opportunities that exist in and out of your market and the easiest ways to take advantage of them AND offer the best profit potential? Don't worry about it, I've got you covered.

Whatever you need, whether you're a buyer, a seller, seasoned or pretty new to the game... I will be right there with you, and 100% focused on solving your problems, and helping you, purchase or sell as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of effort possible. If you have a real estate business I will help you develop systems or whatever you need to grow your Real Estate Investment business as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of effort possible.

However, please keep in mind that this access is limited to Jim G. Coaching Club Members only but for those who are interested in becoming a member this will include one Trial private call or online meeting with me.

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