Written by Jim on March 15th 2020

WANT TO CAPITALIZE ON THE AIRBNB APOCALYPSE, AVOID AIRBNB CANCELLATIONS, AIRBNB REFUNDS AND EVEN THE NEW AIRBNB EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES POLICY? AIRBNB MADE CHANGES TO THE REFUND POLICY IT’S NOT YOUR FRIEND & THE NEWEST AIRBNB REFUND UPDATES CAN REALLY HURT YOUR AIRBNB BUSINESS DURING THIS CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK 🔥- If you’re a host or a guest and want to know how to deal with airbnb cancelations due to an extenuating circumstance like covid-19 coronavirus. Airbnb 2020 is chaos for many. It’s being called the airbnb apocalypse. If you're hearing airbnb news and wondering is airbnb going out of business or is the going to be an airbnb shutdown? NO… there are many airbnb cancellations hurting many but my airbnb business is still doing well. I have a few airbnb cancelations but they are just a drop in the bucket because of my system.

Check out my airbnb videos to see how I do things to avoid airbnb crisis & real estate crisis hosting on airbnb my way. As an airbnb coach I will give you a airbnb totorial, an airbnb update to avoid your airbnb losing money. Airbnb current events are helping airbnb host understand effects of the travel ban, the extenuating circumstance, changes in travel, tourism for airbnb and the travel industry. Airbnb armagheddon is real for many but doesn’t have to be your armagheddon if you just do it differently.

Airbnb has posted a few links (see below ) to help.


These will help navigate airbnb guest cancellations ,airbnb cancelations & extenuating circumstance airbnb cancellations 2020.

I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to contact me to know how to start an airbnb business without owning property its easy. If you keep it simple, & can follow simple directions you too will be able to start airbnb business & build an airbnb business without buying a home for airbnb or starting a complicated new business. If you want to know how to make money on airbnb Or how to make money on airbnb without owning Property, I recommend AirBNB Passive Income. It works well & you’ll never have to Worry anymore about Money or Lack of cashflow!!! AirBNB is For retired moms, Airbnb is for college students or you can do Airbnb Without College. I also recommend Airbnb income for wholesalers, Airbnb Passive income for property managers and Airbnb passive income for landlords. Just watch my other videos and copy my airbnb passive income strategy, you’ll have your first airbnb investment property up and running using my Airbnb Playbook to start Airbnb Business in less than 24 hrs.

If you’re committed, keep it simple, follow my steps, maintain Airbnb success patience, the right airbnb success mindset... you’ll be up and running in no time making money on airbnb without owning Property?

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