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You understand and agree that you are waiving your right for a refund in exchange for full access to the academy, its resources to include lifetime access to the program, Jim’s training, the Private Group Sessions, the templates and paperwork as discussed while receiving the trial start-up enrollment, bonus pricing &/or a payment plan. Your decision to agree to this waiver has not been influenced in any way by any representations or statements from any employee of By waiving this right you will gain immediate full access to AirBNB Accelerator Academy.

Yes, I AgreeI have carefully read this release and understand its contents.

Jim G.

I am James Graham AKA "Jim G." and for last 30+ years I've have been investing in real estate.  I've been very successful at creating non-traditional real estate investing systems that have made millions of which I and many other investors have enjoyed.  I've helped Investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and ordinary, everyday people all over the world find success by helping them acquire high cash flow & High Equity Properties for their portfolio online… and now it's your turn... “I will personally help you build your portfolio, get great cash flow & gain generational wealth building equity with or without owning property using proven, time tested strategies, almost overnight.”


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